The La-Nail head office is based in Taipei, Taiwan.
Administration, shipments, payments, etc are arranged from this office. Please direct any enquiries to Judy Wang ...
LaNAIL Industrial Co., Ltd.
1F, NO.236, Shi Dong Rd. Shih Lin,
11154 Taipei,Taiwan, R.O.C.
TEL : + 886 - 2 - 2832 1848 
FAX: + 886 - 2 - 2832 3080
Production/Order Enquiries:
Support center:

For any product related queries - e.g. gel application, technical info, .. etc
New Enquiries:
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The LA-Nail production and manufacture facility is based in Dongguan, China. Dongguan is situated across the border from Hong Kong and close to Guangzhou. Plastic moulding & injection, silk screening, bottling, rhinestone & jewellery manufacture, production and packaging of nail art items, .. etc.
Factory Address is :
No.234, Bo-lin 3th Rd., Wong Kong Chun,
Dongguan, Guang Dong Province, P.R.O.C.
Factory Manager is Soul Chang.


Factory co-ordination, order processing, testing of new products, Research and Development, sourcing of items, .. etc takes place from our office in Guangzhou.


Room 1504, D1-Building, No. 43, Zhong Shan 8th Rd.,

GuangZhou 510150, China P.R.O.C.

TEL : +86-20-8119-5324

FAX: +86-20-8135-7119

Contact Person : Winnie Wu or Anson ..


We are looking for sole/exclusive distributors for our products in countries around the world. Please email us for more information :
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